AntOS v 0.2.3-alpha release: AntOSDK - a development kit for AntOS application

A new release of AntOS, it is now in the beta state, but i'll keep the alpha branch on the release for a few further releases.

Change logs

  • Fix bugs and improve stability
  • DotEditor app is renamed to GraphEditor and use mermaid to generate graphs instead of dot
  • AntOS in now under GPLv3 licence, if you want to use it for comercial purpose, please contact me
  • Blogger is no longer default application, it is moved to MarketPlace
  • Add svg support to Preview
  • MarketPlace now can detect if an application update is available
  • Add AntoSDK, a development kit that allows to develop, build, and package your own application right in the browser, it is available on MarketPlace
  • New UI elements: afx-slider, tooltip

The verdict of this release is the introduction of AntOSDK, the in browser development kit:

  • Automatically generate project template and files
  • In browser Coffeescript to javascript compiler
  • Automatically build and run project directly from browser
  • Editor powered by ACE editor library
  • Automatically generate release package in zip format that can be put on MarketPlace

Applications developed using AntOSDK can be found on this repository: They can be used as example projects for AntOSDK

A tutorial of how to develop AntOS applications using AntOSDK available here:

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