PTerm now supports Pharo 9 and Pharo 10

PTerm, the (only) terminal emulator for Pharo has been initially developed and maintained on Pharo 7. Due to some major API changes, PTerm was not compatible with higher version of Pharo such as 9 and 10. Porting it to Pharo 9 and 10 was long time in my to do list, but i didn't have spare time for such task. Fortunately, with the help of Kris, after many issues and pull requests, PTerm finally works on Pharo 9 and 10.

Major changes:

  • Rework on keyboard and mouse handling
  • Fix main UI broken on Pharo 9 and 10
  • Fix font dialog broken on Pharo 9 and 10
  • Remove PTerm window menu items from windows other than TerminalEmulator
  • Support VT100 control key binding in UI
  • Improvement XTerm Control Sequences support
  • Changed #fontsDir and LibPTerm’s #moduleName to use the #localDirectory
  • Improvement on UTF8 encoding/decoding support
  • Themes improvement

There are still some APIs that no longer works on Pharo 9 and 10 and needed to be ported, but major features of PTerm are now supported on these versions.

PTerm is available on Github at:, the master branch is compatible with Pharo 9 and 10. Support for lower version (e.g. Pharo 7) is maintained on the pharo7-stable branch.

To try it on Pharo 9 and 10:

Metacello new
    repository: 'github://lxsang/PTerm';

or on pharo 7

Metacello new
    repository: 'github://lxsang/PTerm:pharo7-stable';

Again, thanks Kris for his contribution.

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