Controlling a Turtlebot using PhaROS: Goals planning and Automatic docking

This is a demonstration of my current work on controlling robot using ROS and PhaROS. For that task, I've developed a dedicated PhaROS package that defines:

  1. A base framework for ROS based visualization such as map, robot model, robot trajectory, etc.
  2. An Event-driven API for robot controlling


For more information about PhaROS, please refer to this link:

To install the package on Pharo 7:

Metacello new
    repository: 'github://lxsang/Galleon';


To use the package on real robot we need:

  1. A Turtlebot
  2. A URG-04LX-UG01 laser sensor
    3.A Ros based navigation software stack, please refer to this post: to set up a proper navigation stack

Running this demo

All the launch files for this demo are available at:
This demo uses the map of our lab building (previously built by the same robot), if you want to test on other environment, you need to create one first, then modify the navigating.launch file accordingly.
To run the demo, fist we run the navigation stack on the robot:

roslaunch inria_demo navigating.launch

Then we can interact with the robot on Pharo using the previously installed packages

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